Why Art Galleries


By Mario Tama\/Getty Images – This question originally appeared on Quora, the best answer to any question. Ask a question, get a wonderful answer. Learn from access insider knowledge and experts. You can follow Quora on Google Plus, Facebook, and Twitter. I saw pieces of glass selling for $1 and went into a gallery. Why? Response by Michelle Gaugy art adviser, writer: Money is a medium of exchange. We exchange it. We’ve to give up it in quantities based. Even though there are people who assert that art can have intrinsic value, I am not certain there’s anything in this world today that’s priced at its intrinsic value.

What would that be? Building materials plus some commission along with an agreed upon profit margin? I don’t think our food is priced like that. And that’s also true of art. With art which was created by dead guys, deficiency is a real factor. There are not running around, therefore pricing is radically affected by this. He won’t be making anymore. Other factors become involved with regards to artists. Presumably, the demand isn’t limited, though some artists only create a limited number of works.

Nevertheless, any specific artwork is unique. And traders and artists do things in a bid to make perception that the artwork has present, value, or potential. They ease getting the artist’s work put in museums composed by celebrities, or placed into collections that are well-known. This gives the artist’s work party blessingskind of like having your other before he suggests accepted by the family, or the auto before you write the check signed off by five mechanisms. Paintings are pricedand valuedin connection to one another, within an extremely large and niched marketplace. Oranges are not impacted by the price of steaks, nor are Fords impacted with the pricing of Mercedes, except in very large scale. Same thing with art. Those suspicious thousand dollar glass shards this prompted your query are priced compared to other similarly silly kinds of modern artworks, but are completely unaffected with the pricing of a Van Gogh masterpiece or a modern landscape.

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