Should We Run Before Or After Workout?


In my opinion there are several different things to consider when wondering if you should run before or after your workout. The first would be the obvious: is it safe to run? If you are new to running, it is probably not a good idea to run outdoors unless you know exactly what you are doing. Even then, you should probably only run a few miles at a time and slowly build up your endurance over time.

Safety is the most important thing to consider before you run. Runners should always run with a good pair of shoes with as much cushioning in the heel as possible. This helps protect the foot and ankle from injury, especially in terms of shin splints. Runners who suffer from this injury often end up missing a few weeks of workouts.

Diet is important as well. Your workouts will affect your body and your physical condition. It is important to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables so that you can maintain a healthy metabolism for future workouts. I personally like to consume four or five smaller meals per day instead of the standard three large ones. Just try to avoid eating right before or after your workouts to preserve proper nutrition.

Another important factor is getting proper rest between workouts. When you run, your body is working hard to exhaust all of the oxygen and fuel it has. However, it must also allow time for the stored food to break down. A lot of “runners” don’t get enough rest between workouts. They push their bodies too hard during runs, which causes muscle fatigue and causes the body to burn its glucose (fat) reserves.

You should also keep in mind that running builds muscle. If you are a skinny person trying to run a marathon, you will quickly become stronger and buffed up when you run. So try not to focus too much on losing weight. If you want to drop pounds, you need to train with intensity and run often. There are many different training programs out there so pick one that fits your needs.

Hopefully this article has helped shed some light on the question, ” Should we run before or after workout? “, and answered it for you. Remember to consult with a doctor before starting any new fitness program or routine, especially if you have medical conditions or if you are taking medication. Running is great for your health but not everything can be run. Good Luck!


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