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China Window is always looking for well China topic articles: Submit your China topic article – Business Entertainment – Day banquets are the events for business entertaining. In general, they start between 5: 30 p.m.- 6: 00 p.m. And last for 2 hours. Guests should arrive on time. Counterparts and hosts will be present before the proceedings begin. Banquets are hosted in a restaurant, typically with varying levels of extravagance. The meal starts with the revelers entrance. An elaborate ceremony of deference may occur at the doorway, where the guest is supposed to enter. A couple of guests may hold this up entry for a while, each insisting that the other is worthy of the honour.

Since the battle escalates, the debate can, among friends, result in a little pushing. This time over the issue of precedence in the table once the process might start again. The guest of honour sits across from the host, who chooses the least seat near the door. Since there’s an etiquette based hierarchy in Chinese business culture, wait to be seated. Generally, the seat in the table’s middle is earmarked for your guest of honour. The host sits to the left. Everybody else is sitting in descending order of status. The most senior member sits in your Middle seat. Follow this seating pattern if you’re hosting a banquet or a meal at your residence, whether for business or purely numerous reasons.

The host is the first person in the table allowed to start eating and drinking. Then, your rest of your company can proceed with your meal. Business is usually not discussed throughout the meal. It’s not uncommon for a server to order enough food for ten people in a dining table of five. She or he loses face if there aren’t plenty of leftovers towards the end of a meal. Rice, considered by many Chinese to be filler, would be usually not served till the end of a meal.

Therefore, if you wish to eat rice with your meal, be sure to ask your waitress to serve it early, especially if the food is spicy. During a meal, as much as 20 courses might be served, so try not to eat too much in once. The best policy is to gently sample each dish. Leaving a clean plate would be perceived to mean that you weren’t given enough food-a horrible insult here. And on your other hand, leaving a food offering untouched will also give .

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