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This Small Business Start is a reference guide, provided to assist entrepreneurs find resources of start up funding for a brand-new enterprise. Sources of small businesses Start Up Funding Unsecured Personal Loans can apply for an unsecured loan up to $100, 000 from a bank, if you have source of income that is adequate debt ratio and an excellent credit history. Private Equity Investors/Angel Investors Private investor financing may be an option for you, if you are willing to give away equity ownership in yours company in return for start up money. A private equity shareholders owns a bit of the company of one.

Commercial Loans Commercial banks provide start up loans which are secured on assets or the owner’s private property. The U.S. Small Business Administration provides small company loan funding programs, including the Microloan the 7 Loan and the SBA Express. A business plan and credit are necessary for attention. Grants The U.S. Grant funding is offered by government to companies engaged in engineering, education, health and human services, or growth and research. Please note that government grants are not a practical alternative for most start up companies. Venture Capitalists Ordinarily, a group of investors that pool their resources to a fund that is managed.

Venture capital is seldom offered below 1 million dollars, and generally only goes to start ups expected to yield a very high ROI. Non Traditional Sources of small businesses Start Up Funding Credit Cards Credit card funding is among the many expensive forms of start up funding. In case your company plans involves start up with the use of credit cards, you might be setting yourself up for failure. Home Equity Lines of Credit Home equity lines are just one of the most convenient means of getting your start up funded. A home equity line should just be considered, if you’ve an airtight business plan.

Equipment Leasing In case your new company requires the use of equipment or heavy machinery to operate, equipment leasing can be a perfect option for you. Leasing reduces the amount of start up cash you’d otherwise have to raise. Merchant Account Financing This form of funding involves the sale of your future credit card sales to a finance company, in exchange for an immediate cash advance. Start Up Contests Start up financing contents can be an option for you if you’re willing to do the on-line research it requires. Several private companies offer annual competitions which award cash and various company start up services. One such competition is the Elevator Pitch Contest, sponsored by Start Up Nation. Bootstrap Financing Bootrapping is the art of building your company from the ground up, without using debt financing.

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