Art Business


Fearless Flyer 1 worked for a gym equipment maker. She was a sales manager for them, doing with sales, I could add. She noticed folks using the facilities as she visited gyms. She understood that people stayed buildings getting the benefits and working to being outside. She left her management position to begin her own company. She invited individuals to enter the settings in their own backyards so for speak, tai chi, and kayaking, doing nature walks. She added products such as socks and cotton undies.

Today, she’s an internet site, booths at street fairs, and purchasers for her products and her vision. After a few experiences, she began for paint for help get them through. She loved it so much that she has decided to pursue a major. She has reduced her hours per week and applied to pursue a degree in art. Her works have been in a few art displays and she’s recognized an advisory board position for a company benefiting caregivers using the arts for wellness care of others and themselves. Fearless Flyer 3 functioned as an engineer for many big companies in the US.

He always loved life around water, boating, fishing, and diving. 2 years ago, he decided for get his captain’s license so he could do charters. He also began writing a fishing newsletter for a local on line newsletter. A year ago, he added functioning for a tow and rescue firm on the weekends part time. Four months ago, he retired from his scientist position and took by himself territory with the tow and rescue firm. He’s cut back on his charters, but has very following of his fishing report. These are only a couple of the people I know who’ve made or are in the process of career transitioning. It simply takes an idea, a few creativity, and a bit of courage. Kathy Iwanowski, some former cancer nurse and director, creates artwork, speaks, and writes about creative living and work. Her articles, editorials, and reviews on art, business, creativity, and nursing topics have been published in newsletters, ezines, and books in the US.

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